HARP allows students to combine theoretical knowledge of upper-division classes to a real world dynamic and challenging project. Students will execute engineering design, manufacturing, and launch principles in creating the first HARP vehicles. With so much innovation happening in industry from SpaceX to Rocket Labs, HARP is determined to introduce SJSU academia to the 21st century race for space!

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The design phase of HARP begins during fall of each academic year. Since this is the first year of the program, our timeline has shifted and the design and build phase began in spring and summer, respectively. We have built a solid team foundation and have begun the sponsorship and fundraising process, sourcing over 70-80% of the vehicle cost for this first year. 

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Current simulations and design criteria show that 200,000 feet is obtainable with a $10,000 budget, providing us with 100,000 feet of margin.