HOLT Tool and Machine

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HARP is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Sunday April 15, 2018. The link will be posted here!

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsoring out project will help our team fufull our goal of launching a rocket over 100,000 feet. IN order to acheive our goals 

Contributions to our program are tax deductible for their fair market value as we are operating under the university.

Donation Levels

Intern: $25

This will help us purchase nuts and bolts for the vehicle.


Engineer: $100

We can purchase nose cone materials at this giving level.  Donations at this level will receive a personal thank you email.


Lead Engineer: $250

A gift at this level will pay for a flight computer unit or auxiliary system such as video cameras and data acquisition units. Donations at this level will receive a personal thank you email and signed team picture.


Project Manager: $500

Parts that will be purchased/made at this giving level include: airframe, fins/fincan, propulsion system hardware. Donations at this level will receive a personal thank you email, signed team photo, and a logo on our project website.


The guy that presses Launch: $1000

A donation of this size will help us the propulsion system propellant for one stage of our rocket. Donors will receive a thank you email, signed team picture, logo on the project website, and a 3D printed model rocket award!

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Fill our the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Thank you for your interest in HARP.