Project Lead


I have been launching rockets since I was a kid, which started over 11 years ago in the form of a rocket magazine at Calabazas Library. Since then, I have built larger and larger rockets over the years, with the largest spanning 9 feet tall and 5 inches in diameter. My highest altitude flight was 24,000 feet and highest load flight was 80 G’s. I decided to study Aerospace Engineering because of my hobby and also because of the era of privatization of space. I formed and am participating in HARP because of the opportunity it presents to students, faculty, local companies, and the university. I’m excited to see what this year brings along with future endeavors as well!  

Aerodynamics and Recovery Lead


Ryan Lee 

Aerospace interest started back in middle school when I discovered model airplanes. Over time it grew on me and I started to build airplanes from scratch from electronics and other materials like foam and sometimes composites. Out of the 50+ models I have built, some major milestones I achieved are, a scratch built hitting triple digit speeds, self loitering and return to home multi rotor system, and first person view system with successful flight range of over 1.5miles. I have also been involved with the San Jose State University Formula SAE team since fall of 2016 and have been focused on the aerodynamics of the vehicles side pods which send air through ducts to lower coolant temperature as well as take advantage of ground affects to manipulate driving dynamics.

Structures Lead


Patrick Lewis

Graduation Year: 2019

Hometown: New York

Avionics Lead


Edgar Aguilar

My name is Edgar Aguilar.  I am a third year Aerospace Engineering major at San Jose State University.  I chose aerospace because I have always been a big fan of space and figured that working in the industry to help humans conquer space flight would be amazing.  I decided to join H.A.R.P. because I liked the idea as well as the challenge that designing and building a rocket to reach a height of over 100,000 feet would bring.

Business Lead


Mimi Boursier

As a kid I was always fascinated by the stars and the moon and as I grew up I really enjoyed building and deigning things. My younger brother made a couple model rockets for boy scounts and ever since then I have enjoyed numerous flying toys, and staring up and the sky in wonder. I now enjoy studying and understanding space and better ways to explore the world we know so little about.